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Wholesale Policies

You (“the buyer”) must have a physical shop, with or without an online website, to be eligible to become and remain a reseller of my goods. Selling on third-party websites (Etsy, eBay, Amazon) is strictly prohibited.

All buyers are vetted to ensure fit and to confirm a legitimate business. I obtain the right to refuse applications that may not be appropriate or refuse orders if shops are in violation of the policies outlined below.

How to place an order:

First, fill out my wholesale application form here.

If I decide that your store is a good fit for my brand, I will send you my line sheet, order form, and all my product information!

Keep in mind, that by making wholesale purchases from me, buyers agree to these policies.

Order Minimums:

No minimum for first orders
Re-Order Minimum: $95

If minimums are not met, buyers will be asked to place an additional order for the remainder.


Since buyers receive a very significant discount, wholesale pricing does not qualify for additional discounts. 

Payment Terms

All orders must be paid upfront prior to shipment, including all shipping costs. 


I ship all of my items from my home in BC, Canada. 

All items are shipped Canada Post Tracked Package based on weight. Expedited options are available if interested in a faster option. Please contact me to discuss options.

All shipments are sent Monday through Friday unless it's a public holiday in which case, orders will be sent out before or after this day.


Once payment has been received, orders take between 1-7 business days to fulfill.

This, however, is dependent on the order volume I'm handling when the order comes in and inventory levels.

You will be contacted right away if the above fulfillment times cannot be met. 

Selling on Third Party Sites

To remain a reseller of my goods, the buyer must sell directly to the consumer through a physical shop with or without a website owned & operated by the buyer and their company.

Selling my goods in the following ways is prohibited and may result in me refusing future orders:

  • Selling on third-party sites (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Daily Deal Sites, etc.)

  • Drop-shipping sites (,, etc.)

  • Classified sites (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.)

  • Selling in bulk to B2B accounts, or other wholesalers.

Cancellations & Changes

Since I'm relatively quick to fulfill orders, I can only honor cancellations or changes within 12 hours of the order being received and before it has been shipped. 

Returns & Exchanges

Money-Back Guarantee:

I am confident that your customers will love my products. Therefore, any unsold items are eligible for a complete refund at any time. (Return shipping costs will not be refunded, and items must be returned undamaged, in their original packaging.)

Damaged Items

For damaged and customer returned items, please call or email for replacements.

Exclusivity Designs

I do not offer design exclusivity unless specified in a custom work contract.

Social Media Promotion

Feel free to promote my items when they become available. I would love to promote buyer's shops on my Instagram feed as well. Please let me know if this poses any issues.

Photography for Promotion

If the buyer would like to use some of my photography for promotional purposes, please contact me. Appropriate credit is required. 


Cases or racks aren't provided at this time.


Buyers' information is safe with me! I will not share or distribute at any cost. I occasionally send odd emails for major announcements. 

Artwork Copyright

Reproductions, photocopies, resales, and using artwork for personal or commercial promotion are strictly prohibited without written permission or an art license. All art is under the copyright of Yuma Bailey. 

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